The Meaning Behind Tribal Star Tattoos

tribalstarTribal star tattoo can be seen all the time on bodies across the nation and even the world. Is there any meaning to them or are they just something that people get put on their bodies because they look cool? Well, to answer that question, you really have to examine why people get tattoos. Do they get tattoos because they have special meaning or do they get them to make themselves unique from other people or do people get tattoos because they think they look cool? For most people, it’s kind of a combination of all of the above. Tribal tattoos have long been popular. You see the tribal arm bands, the tribal ankle bands, and you even see tribal thorns running across people’s backs. Stars, too, have long been popular forms of tattoos. So it’s only common sense that the two styles would combine to make tribal star tattoos.


The meaning behind tribal star tattoos is typically that stars are unique, they’re full of wonder, we wish upon them and they represent an area of travel and study that we still don’t fully understand. After all, when we see the light of a star, we really don’t know if that star is still burning or not. The light takes a long time to make it to earth so we could be looking at the light of a star that has long since burned out, yet we see it as a bright light in the sky. Essentially, when we look at stars, we are looking into the past. With all of those characteristics assigned to stars, it’s no wonder why people love to get tribal star tattoos put onto their bodies. And the great thing about tribal star tattoos is that it’s rare for two stars to look the same.

Finding Your Star

If you want to get a tribal star tattoo on your body, you really don’t need a reason. They do look cool, and they are unique as long as you don’t choose them off the wall of the tattoo parlor, and they don’t really need to mean anything; but you can¬†create a meaning to it. Since it’s your tattoo you can combine elements to make your tribal star tattoo have any meaning you intend it to.

Finding your star may be as easy as asking an artist to draw a tribal star tattoo for you. You can even look in magazines, or in movies, for ideas on how you want your tribal star tattoo to look. If you can draw, then by all means draw it yourself. The great thing about tattoos is that they can look anyway you want. Put some thought into your tribal star tattoo.  Add elements that are significant to your life and you will create a tribal star tattoo that has a special meaning to you.