The Revival of Celtic Tattoo Design

Celtic tattoo design is becoming a popular choice for people for many reasons. Generally celtic tattoo design is made up of one color.  They have strong symbolism and cultural heritage.  The designs are versatile, with images that can be repeated, twisted or added to other tattoos to help make a brand new cool tattoo design. And the beauty is unquestionable. Often, Celtic tattoo designs look like permanent jewelry and not what people usually think of as tattoos.

The variations of Celtic Tattoo Design

There are many variations to Celtic tattoo designs, from elaborate representations of Celtic crosses to simple Celtic rune script (called “ogham”.) Some Celtic tattoo designs can be easily repeated to make a ring around your wrist, arm or leg. Use of more than one color is optional. Many people just use black ink or a dark blue that mimics woad, the tattoo ink of ancient Celts.

Celtic tattoo design is so popular, with its intricacies there is a vast amount of design choices available.  One should choose an artist carefully as Celtic tattoo designs are not easy to do.  The artist will need to have a careful eye for detail.


The Revival and History of Celtic Tattoo Design

The history of Celtic people goes back thousands of years.  At one time all of England was ruled by Celts.  Ancient Celtic art was full of intertwinning patterns and elaborate knotwork.  The Celts displayed their artwork in jewelry as well as on their weapons.  The interlacing of the knots showed how the Celts felt that both their physical and spiritual sides crossed repeatedly.

The revival of Celtic tattoo design is possibly due to the ornate beauty of the interwining of knotwork.  This makes Celtic tattoo design appear very artistic as well as symbolic.